about our history?

We were founded in 2019 and since then we have had minecraft server and rust server but right now I the owner have a hard time and I have depression so I don't spend as much time as I want, but I do the best I can.

Minecraft person
Survival image


We have a minecraft server that are survival with economi and some fun plugins.

  • Economy
  • Shop
  • Player Warps
  • and more
Survival image


We have a rust server that are called TigerEye 10x and the server are a 10x pve server with raidablebases and more..

  • Raidablebases
  • Gater 10x
  • Teleport
  • and more
Survival image


We have a Satisfctory server that have many fun mods and more..

  • Digital storage
  • Refined Power
  • Additional 300 Inventory Slots
  • and more

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When you vote, you not only get things, but you recommend and make sure that our server gets higher on the server lists and then new players automatically come in and the server grows

Server FAQs.

common questions we've received that we've answered

How do i join?
To join our minecraft server you connect to play.mckingcraft.net but if you shoud connect to rust servern you search on moded server and dragoneye 10x and its shoud pop up
How to create a chestshop?
If you will create an chestshop you get a sign and on the first line you write your name and on the secund line you say how much iteams they shoud buy and on the 3th line you add the price but in the front you do B and the price example [ b 10] and on the 4th line you set the name of the iteam you sell but if you hade the item in the chest you can do *
How do i get money in game?
You get money when you sell things you can do /sell all or /sell to sell the item you have in the inventory and you get the money direct to you account.
How do i spawn a raidbase?
You spawn a raidbase with command /buyraid and after that it shoud pop up a menu and you buy the raid with scrap