Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

Minecraft server

  1. Use common sense, that is, use a nurtured language in the chat.
  2. No pvp without both of them agreeing to it.
  3. Destruction is not allowed. This applies even if it is not claimed as well as villages on the server.
  4. Replant if you harvest or cut down trees. Do not leave floating trees.
  5. No spam in the chat.
  6. No form of x-ray or other cheating / hacks is not allowed. Also applies to X-ray texture packs.
  7. Having inappropriate names on your armor, tools, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  8. You should have a maximum of 20 entities (animals, villagers and the like) per chunk.
  9. Autoclicker must not be used.
  10. All kinds of machines that can create lag on the server are prohibited.
  11. Mutation of staff is not permitted.
  12. Avoid mentioning other servers.
  13. AFK farmer is not allowed.

Discord server

  1. We do not use ugly words, neither in the chat channels nor the voice channels.
  2. Spam is not allowed in any channel.
  3. Treat all members with respect.
  4. If a staff member asks you to quit, it means quit.
  5. Mutage or block staff is not allowed.
  6. We do not allow voice distortions, also known as Voice changers or similar sound effects.
  7. Blank profile pictures and / or names are not allowed.
  8. Avoid talking about other Minecraft and Discord servers.
  9. Keep all content in the correct channel.
  10. Music bots should only be used in the Music voice channels.

Rust rules

  1. No cheating.
  2. No stealing.
  3. Don't be a dick.

If you have read the rules, you can go and enjoy the fun on our server!

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