Mckingcraft network 

is a large selection of game servers and is newly started 
it started a year ago then since then it has become new servers
that we have rebuilt as survival was one of the first server I built
which after a year we replaced it against a new survival server that 
not many players on the old server did not like but now we have
increased the range of servers enormously and now we have
Maker Punch II
Maker Wars II
Shulker Rush II
Piston Up
Collor drop
 and the servers are taken from realms that we have 
set up so that those who do not have realms and who 
do not have friends to play with, we have made them 
so you should be able to play it anyway.
We also have our original servers that we 
have built ourselves 
(skyblock spawn and creative spawn are downloaded 
and the buildbattle arenas are also downloaded but 
also the pvp arena because I have not been able to 
build quakes (alone with an admin.) But otherwise 
everything with plugins and I have done it myself 
and you can become a builder if you are good at building)
we have oxå but we have both bedrock and java support 
and it is the same ip on bedrock as on java and 
and our website is


Info Survival

Survival is one of the first servers we built and we have 
made sure that there is no shop yet because it can be 
open now in the beginning and unfairly we have towny 
in the server and another host generation that we seem 
to think is better and nicer we have chest shop that players 
can create when and which are not so advanced things we
 have too jobs that allow you to work and earn money
 and start your own country or city. We hope you enjoy 
playing this game so hope you try it out :)
Info Skyblock

Skyblock is an island that you should upgrade and 
expand to a larger island as we have chosen to have a 
shop and aution house as you can euthanize things to 
each other and buy and play with your friends and help
 each other and have fun hope you like it Have fun
Info Creative 

Creative is a game mode when you are creative 
and have a plot where you can build what you want
 just not filthy things because then you can report it 
through the discord but you have different blocks that 
do not exist in the normal minecraft game and there is 
not much more such a creative world

Info Maker Punch II

n Makers Punch, you have to use your Knockback 
weapons to punch your opponents out of the arena!

There are two weapons:
Magic Stick: Have a hand-to-hand combat with this stick!
Magic Bow: Be careful of these arrows, they're powerful!

You can also activate two game modes to make your games more epic!
Bunny Mode: You run faster and jump higher!
Item Mode: There are lots of items like Rockets, epic weapons or even a SMASHER!

The last player alive wins!
There are 3 arenas with different forms and particularities!

Info Maker Wars II

In Makers Wars, you need to eliminate the opponent teams. 
You can kill your enemies by pushing them into the void, by
 burning them with lava buckets, by spawning mobs which
 will do the job for you or simply by using your sword.

You can create your own equipment by consuming points
 (visible on TAB). With more than 100 items, you can choose
 your game style: from the guy who rushes the middle to take
 all the treasures to the player who prefer the long fights.

Info Shulker Rush II

The objective of Shulker Rush consists of killing the opposing team's Shulker.
 Once it has been destroyed, the enemies will no longer be able to respawn and 
can be defeated.

In your spawn Iron nuggets and Golden nuggets will appear regularly
. Rubies generators can be found in the middle. All three allow you to 
purchase tools and weapons in the shop.

Info Collor drop

Color Drop is a puzzle minigame! The objective is to be the last player alive!
You can break any blocks of the same color that are in groups of two or more.
 Each block left at the end of a round will cost you 1 life

Destroy as many blocks as possible to earn maximum points, 
then use them in the shop to help you win the game!
Info Pvp

You fight with all peples and 
you have a kit ther you can se in 
the game and you can claim how 
many kits you will have.

Info Buildbattle

It is a minigame when you build and which 
everyone then has to vote out a 1 2 3 place and 
which you then have to collect as many points 
as you can.

Info PistonUp

The objective of PistonUp is to get the maximum of points to win!

There are two roles:
As the fisherman, your goal consists of fishing the jumper(s) 
down into the basin in order to get points.
As the jumper, your objective is to reach the end of the parkour while
 avoiding the fisherman's hook. Use the powerups to either destabilize 
him or get a bonus!